Tiempo de vida

Marcos Giralt Torrente’s memoir Tiempo de vida won the Spanish National Book Award in 2010. It was published in English this fall by Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Sarah Crichton Books. The translator is Natasha Wimmer.

I reviewed the book for The Los Angeles Review of Books (2014-12-07):

AFTER HIS FATHER’S DEATH in 2007, Marcos Giralt Torrente read sundry memoirs “for inspiration,” as he prepared to write Tiempo de vida, his award-winning book about personal loss and the final years of Juan Giralt’s life. His writing had stalled and he’d failed repeatedly to come up with new ideas. “I finally accepted that all I could write about was my father,” he states in the book’s opening section. That’s a common sentiment from memoirists who publish accounts of the deaths of loved ones. But Giralt Torrente was conflicted about how to go about his task.

The full review is here.