The web as palimpsest

I have no idea how long this blog will live before I hit the WordPress kill button. But as the saying goes, whatever appears on the web is there forever. There’s truth to that until you can’t remember where you saw something, or an image or article has been moved or removed, which happens quite often. So I’ll add categories and tags to my Pink Official Form posts for your convenience. After all we don’t want anything to get lost.

. . . . .

While searching for banner art on my hard drive, I came across a few images I’d captured years back and had forgotten about. They’re screenshots of a literary publication (web only) that no longer exists. It was called Six Little Things. Back then, obviously, I must have pressed CTRL-CMD-SHIFT-4 in order to save copies of short fiction I’d published there.

Have a look at what resides at the site’s URL now. Sad, no?

“Executive Leadership Training” [LINK]

“Press Release Writing” [LINK] . . .

Placeholders for defunct literary websites remind me of ruin-porn photography. All those prose pieces that were posted at Six Little Things are gone  though they’ve all gone somewhere. As proof I’m re-publishing the two I wrote for Six Little Things, in a category called Reprints.

Whatever appears on the web is there forever.

Six Little Things has been erased. Something else is holding its space. I’m re-posting my very short stories here. One day this page might also disappear. Maybe something better will replace Pink Official Form eventually.

But what?

The grumblings of a civil servant, I hope.

. . . . .

Here are those prose pieces, redux:

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